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Crafting Elegance: The Home Detail Story

Project Scope

Home Detail, a distinguished e-store in the UK, aspired to carve a robust digital niche. With a unique proposition of offering curated, high-quality furniture and home decor at affordable rates, the brand sought to resonate deeply with its audience. Collaborating with the Brand Culture Network, we embarked on a journey to amplify Home Detail’s online presence, ensuring it mirrored the brand’s essence and unique selling points.

Brand Philosophy

Home Detail’s heart lies the commitment to providing a curated selection of top-tier furniture and home decor, ensuring quality without compromising affordability. This philosophy guided our branding efforts, ensuring every touchpoint echoed the brand’s core values.

Brand Identity Development

Our collaboration began with the development of the brand’s nomenclature and identity. A new logo and comprehensive visual branding guidelines were crafted, reflecting Home Detail’s aesthetics and values.

Logo Concept

The Home Detail logo is a masterclass in minimalist design, where creativity meets functionality. The lowercase “h” is ingeniously crafted to depict a chair, symbolizing the brand’s core offering in home decor and furniture. This design element is further accentuated by the shadow of the letter, which subtly takes on the shape of a “d”, seamlessly integrating the brand’s initials. The “Home Detail” typography is presented in a modern, clean font. “Home” is rendered in a bold black, emphasizing the brand’s focus on home essentials, while “Detail” is portrayed in a softer grey, highlighting the brand’s attention to intricate details. The combined elements of the logo perfectly encapsulate the brand’s ethos of offering stylish, quality home solutions with a keen eye for detail.

Brand Usage Guide

The Home Detail brand usage guide offers a holistic overview of the brand’s visual and communicative elements. It delineates the precise application of the logo across diverse mediums, the specific black and grey color palette, and the chosen typography. The guide also outlines the brand’s imagery style, emphasizing product photography with particular attention to lighting and mood. Iconography, tone of voice, and the overall ambiance of the brand are also detailed, ensuring a consistent representation. Whether showcased in digital or print materials, this guide acts as a foundational blueprint, ensuring Home Detail’s cohesive and impactful identity is maintained across all touchpoints.

Brand Tagline

Lifestyle That Matters With this tagline, Home Detail emphasizes the importance of a lifestyle that values quality, elegance, and meaningful home decor and furniture choices. It resonates with the brand’s commitment to offering curated, high-quality products that make a difference in the lives of its customers.

Web Design & E-commerce

We designed and developed an intuitive e-commerce website to translate the brand’s essence digitally. This user-friendly platform showcases Home Detail’s exquisite product range, optimized for search engines and seamlessly integrated with social media to enhance traffic and brand visibility.

Brand Communications

Our multi-channel advertising launch campaign spanned both traditional and digital media. With expertise in creativity and digital marketing, we tailored messages and creative assets to resonate with Home Detail’s key demographics, driving conversions and enhancing brand engagement. The campaign’s core essence was to highlight the brand’s unique offerings, ensuring customers recognized the value and quality Home Detail brought to their homes.
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