Owl Studio

A Symphony of Night Owls

In the realm of creativity, ideas shimmer under the moon, and dreams soar on night owl wings. Our journey began similarly as a collective of like-minded creatives, working for prestigious global advertising agencies by day and moonlighting on freelance projects under the blanket of night.
The spark that ignited our shared purpose was Ehmer Kirmani, a forward-thinking creative leader who inspired us through collaborative projects and served as a guiding light, motivating us to come together and harness our collective creative energies during constant interactions at high-profile advertising events worldwide.
His visionary zeal resonated with our aspirations, prompting a transformative question: Why shouldn’t we, the award-winning creative souls, amplify our collective force and create our branding studio, bringing home accolades for our agency? A home for our freelancing endeavors, a platform truly ours that could offer our clients an enriched spectrum of services.

The Birth of Owl Branding Studio

Recognizing the untapped potential within our collective, Ehmer Kirmani breathed life into “Owl Branding Studio” – a tribute to our night-inspired creativity. Guided by his vision, we adopted our defining mission: “Revolutionizing Brand Experiences through Soulful Design.” Owl Branding Studio was conceived not merely as a creative nexus but a luminous beacon of design innovation and heartfelt branding.

United in Diversity, Bonded by Creativity

Our team, a mosaic of diverse perspectives, experiences, and talents, became our strength, fueling a unique creative spirit. Working in a group that celebrated diversity was an invaluable experience, setting the stage for a creative explosion.

A Shared Odyssey with the Brand Culture Network

Our odyssey significantly turned when Ehmer Kirmani positioned Owl Branding Studio as the Brand Culture Network’s partner branding agency. Leveraging the strategic creative direction provided by our parent network’s multicultural teams and global team leaders – luminaries in the advertising & film industries of both the Western & the Eastern hemispheres – we’re equipped to craft soulful, transformative campaigns.
This symbiotic relationship amplifies our ability to communicate seamlessly across diverse touchpoints, culminating in 360º Brand Amplifications. These are not just campaigns but immersive brand journeys enriched with a unique brand culture. The synergy between our entities reshapes brand experiences, leaving imprints that resonate profoundly and shape narratives in impactful ways.

Our Knight Owls: Architects of Brand Imagery

Ehmer Kirmani | Odyssey

Founder & Chief Owl

Ehmer Kirmani is a forward-thinking creative soul, an award-winning creative and branding director, and a cultural strategic and brand imagery architect, storyteller, and filmmaker. With over two decades of multicultural experience, he has been at the forefront of nurturing the creative evolution of numerous global and regional brands, transforming them into iconic cultural phenomena that lead their marketplaces.
Ehmer believes that a brand is much more than a logo or a product; it’s a movement, a philosophy, a force capable of shaping the world. Every brand has a story, and every story holds the power to inspire, change perspectives, and make a tangible difference.
His work revolves around creative transformation and perception reshaping, achieved by cultivating powerful branding and imagery, distinctive brand cultures, and compelling storytelling. This approach enables brands to thrive in their marketplaces and resonate deeply, influence profoundly, and create their own unique cultures.
His professional odyssey is a testament to harnessing the power of ideas to create positive, meaningful change, firmly believing that every brand has the power to shape the world as successful brands are, at their core, successful culture stories.
His journey began with strategic leadership at Grey Worldwide. Following this pivotal experience, he embarked on a path of entrepreneurial creativity and film direction, founding several ventures that reflect his passion for branding, creativity, storytelling, and cinematic art, all under A Brand-First Marcom Network.
Each of his ventures showcases his role as a founder and creative soul, dedicated to crafting inspiring brands with a purpose. Every step of his journey has been about pushing boundaries and redefining norms. As he continues on this path, his focus remains steadfast on creating enduring legacies by crafting brands that not only resonate today but also inspire and shape cultures for generations to come.
This journey has been enriched by working with distinguished companies and brands such as Toyota, General Tyre, Nestle, Unilever, Jazz, Mobilink, BAT, Philip Morris, LU, Danone, Ponds, Nivea, Golden Pearl, SHE, Velva, Acheve, Capri, Bella Greek, Neutrogena, Botanika, Olay, Tullo, Mayfair, Emirates Airline, IFFCO, Tiffany, Mitsubishi, GTR Tyre, Meezan Bank, Hilal Foods, National Foods, O’MyLove, Tapal, Harlig, Ulker, Ramak, Bank Alfalah, Akhuwat, ICI Dulux, Effie, PAS, New Holland Tractor, Jang Media Group, GSK, Sandoz, Roche, Novartis, Pfizer and many more.
Under his inspired leadership and strategic direction, the global teams at A Brand-First Marcom Network have delivered a series of successful 360º integrated marketing and advertising campaigns. These experiential and engaging brand journeys have elevated leading international and regional multi-billion value-winning brands to new heights.
Ehmer’s creative odyssey in exploring the realms of creativity and filmmaking is a journey that never ceases. It’s fueled by a rich tapestry of inspiration drawn from life itself: nature, people, relationships, cultures, places, foods, books, movies, science, and technology. These elements are not mere sources of inspiration but vital in continually honing his directorial skills and expertise. Collaborating with some of the finest creative and filmmaking talents from both the Western and Eastern hemispheres, he constantly acquires valuable knowledge and develops his creative spirit.
This diverse and enriching odyssey empowers Ehmer to translate his boundless journey of creativity and filmmaking into the art of cultivating, humanizing, and nurturing purpose-led ideal brands. His approach transcends conventional branding, infusing life into brands to resonate on a more profound, human level. Ehmer’s narrative is a testament to relentless creativity and passion, a perpetual quest to bring transformative and meaningful brand stories to life.
If your brand has a tale waiting to be told, Ehmer is the master key to unlocking its narrative potential, from deriving brand purpose and culture to revolutionizing branding with soulful design and communication through captivating storytelling and inspiring imagery.
With the heart of a storyteller and the craft of a cinematic maestro, Ehmer collaborates with you and his global teams at Brand Culture Network. He intricately weaves the threads of branding, ideation, storytelling, and ad filmmaking into a tapestry that transforms brand stories into powerful, culturally rich narratives that resonate deeply with audiences but also embody a distinct culture and meaningful purpose to inspire action.
This approach is the heartbeat of the Brand Culture Network ethos, embodying Ehmer’s revolutionary creative odyssey in transforming brand narratives and imagery.
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Laur Barbu

Creative Director

With over 20 years of advertising and branding experience, Laur is our executive creative director and go-to guy for international campaigns.
Even though he started out as a copywriter, he soon discovered that branding and concept development were offering a richer work experience. Since then, he has worked as a senior creative copywriter, associate creative director or creative director at various international advertising agencies, developing successful branding and launch campaigns for global audiences and bringing home several international awards as proof.
So, if you’ve seen campaigns for Audi, Opel, SEAT, Chevrolet, Vodafone, T-mobile, Dunhill, Davidoff, Rizla, PokerStars, Unilever, WWF, Real Madrid C.F. or F.C. Barcelona, chances are our creative director was part of the of the creative team while working at Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, Scholz & Friends or TBWA.

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