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Crafting Fragrance For Modern-Day-Goddess

Project Scope

At Owl Branding Studio, we embarked on a fragrant journey with Acheve, a brand already celebrated for empowering women. Our challenge was to encapsulate the essence of the modern-day goddess in a perfume range. The Acheve Signature Perfume Range is not merely about fragrances; it’s a symphony of stories, paying tribute to the indomitable spirit of female achievers, both legendary and contemporary. Each scent, meticulously crafted, resonates with tales of goddesses and trailblazers, inspiring every woman to cherish her unique journey.

Perfume Descriptions & Taglines

  1. Bold Athena – Unleash the Bold Spirit
  2. A tribute to the Greek goddess of wisdom and war, this fragrance embodies strength and strategy. Olive branches and the wise owl symbolize Athena’s essence, making it a scent for the fearless leader in every woman.
  3. White Athena – Embrace the Pure Spirit
  4. A minimalist and pure rendition of Athena, this fragrance captures the essence of purity with a crisp white background, symbolizing clarity and serenity.
  5. Lovely Hestia – Experience Love in the Air
  6. Paying homage to the Greek goddess of hearth and home, this scent is a warm embrace, reminiscent of the comforting glow of a hearth.
  7. Floral Hebe – Eternally in Bloom
  8. Celebrating Hebe, the goddess of youth, this fragrance bursts with vibrant floral notes, symbolizing eternal youth and vivacity.
  9. Kaya Gold – Rooted in Beauty
  10. A fusion of purity and opulence, this scent combines traditional African patterns with the richness of gold, reflecting beauty and prosperity.
  11. Rayna Noor – Embrace Radiant Purity
  12. A scent that captures the essence of radiant queenship, it intertwines motifs from Islamic art with the luminosity of light, creating an aura of elegance.
  13. Divya Aura – Experience Divine Charm
  14. A divine blend that encapsulates the spirit of charm and grace, it incorporates elements from Indian culture, radiating a celestial aura.

Bold Stories Feature

Dive into the realm of Bold Stories, a platform that celebrates the indomitable spirit of female achievers. Through personal narratives of empowerment and resilience, we spotlight women who have defied conventions and shattered ceilings. Alongside these tales, we proudly present our Signature Perfume Range, each fragrance echoing the essence of these remarkable women. From the audacity of Bold Athena to the purity of White Athena and the warmth of Lovely Hestia, let these scents be a testament to your own story of triumph. Embrace the journey, and let your story be an inspiration for others.

Logo Concept

The logo for ZIV is a bold representation of the brand’s ethos. The thick letters in reverse on a red block with a full stop signify a statement of boldness and uniqueness. The modern and stylish font in white, juxtaposed against the vibrant red block, embodies the brand’s modern yet rugged personality. The full stop at the end signifies the brand’s definitive stance on individuality and freedom.

Brand Imagery

We crafted compelling brand imagery for ZIV, encapsulating the essence of freedom, individuality, adventurous nature, and the passion to evolve. The imagery, resonating with the ethos of evolving to rise, showcases individuals embodying the ZIV lifestyle across various branding materials, weaving a cohesive and engaging brand narrative.

Brand Usage Guide

The Brand Usage Guide for ZIV was meticulously crafted to ensure a cohesive brand presentation across all touchpoints. This guide is pivotal for maintaining consistency with the brand’s core philosophy of “Evolve to Rise.”
The overall branding derived from retail branding, in-store merchandising, outdoor advertising (OOH), vehicle branding, marketing collaterals, brand ambassador kits, promotional items, digital and social media campaigns, event branding, and point-of-sale materials, among others, ensures that the ethos of evolution and empowerment is seamlessly communicated, creating a strong and recognizable brand identity that resonates with the target audience.

Brand Concepts & Communications

In collaboration with the powerhouse Brand Culture Network, we drove the brand communications for ZIV, aligning it perfectly with the brand’s purpose and promise. The ZIV campaign ideation was centered around embarking on personal journeys and evolving with each step. We depicted individuals from different walks of life, embracing their unique journeys and embodying the ZIV lifestyle. The campaigns were designed to resonate with the brand’s target audience, encouraging them to live the ZIV lifestyle and evolve to rise.

Brand Tagline

The tagline “Ziv – Evolve to rise.” encapsulates the brand’s purpose and philosophy succinctly. It’s a call to action for the modern generation to embrace their individuality, embark on their unique journeys, and evolve through their experiences.

Web Design & E-commerce

The web design and e-commerce platform for ZIV were developed to provide a seamless and engaging shopping experience. The design aesthetics were aligned with the brand’s identity, ensuring a cohesive brand representation across all digital touchpoints. The platform showcases the brand’s range of products and embodies the brand’s ethos, encouraging users to explore and embrace the ZIV lifestyle.
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